Important HOA Updates


The clubhouse is available to rent for parties. The new fees for the clubhouse rentals are 100.00 per time slot. Time slots are 1-6pm or 6-11pm or all day (2 times slots) 200.00. Alternate times may be available. The pool rental fee is $50.00. This will not be a private pool party as all homeowners in the Community will have access to the pool. A rule regarding decorations has been changed to include glitter. No glitter will be allowed to be used in the clubhouse. A cleaning fee of 150.00 will be imposed should the attendant need to clean glitter up after any party. THIS INCREASE IN FEES WILL NOT AFFECT ANY PARTY THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN SCHEDULED FOR THE CLUBHOUSE.


The fines for violations will be imposed as follows: Mold/ Damaged or Missing Siding on homes, 1 warning letter, fines will be $250.00. Once 3 fines have been issued the matter will be turned over to the attorney, the HOA will repair the siding and all charges will be applied to the homeowners assessment account. Garbage Cans stored in an unapproved location, 1 warning letter then fined $25.00, $50.00, $75.00 and $75.00 fines after 4th violation. These will be checked weekly. Rental Signs in a unit window or on the property, 1 warning with 15 days to comply then $150.00 per week until cured.


Homeowners are NOT allowed to mow past their property line onto HOA property. Homeowners living on the pond should reference their plat of survey if they are unaware of the lot line. Most lots can easily be determined by the utility boxes which are placed at the rear lot line


The 6 foot perimeter fence originally installed by Lakewood Homes will be removed. The homeowners with backyards that have that perimeter fence will have the option of moving the fence and posts onto their own property. More information will be mailed to the homeowners that have the fence. This will occur in September. The perimeter fence will no longer be repaired. Fence panels will not be replaced nor will posts be replaced from this point forward.

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