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Foster Premier Payment Changes

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Foster Premier Inc. is transitioning to a partnership with CINC Systems, LLC and Community Advantage to provide your community’s payment processing, and banking. We think you will see a positive impact from these partnerships, and we look forward to continuing to provide you with the highest level of service.

Please note that during the transition period, you may experience a delay in some processes. It is imperative that we briefly suspend transactions in order to bring your community’s data into the new system. For example, online payments will be temporarily unavailable. 

With the transition you will have to re-register and set up your preferred preferences for paying your assessments. We would like to remind you that Foster Premier offers a free option for making payments. It is an automatic withdrawal of your assessments. If you are interested please click here.

For your convenience, Foster Premier in conjunction with CINC Systems, LLC will provide the following on –line methods of payment:

1) Online Payments: You will be able to make online payments using either e-check or credit cards with a convenience fee which goes to the merchandizer.  To make your payments, please go to our website at after January 5th. This website link has been specifically designed to allow you the convenience of making your payments online and accessing your account information. On your first visit to the website, you will need to register. Simply click on the “Register” button and complete the information required. Once your registration request is reviewed and validated by Foster Premier Inc, you will receive an email with a link to set your password. You can then log in with your email address and new password to make payments and access information about your community. 

2) Online Recurring Payments: Our website also allows you to set up automatic recurring payments. To setup your recurring payments, log into your account and then click the Pay Assessments Link. On the Pay Assessments page, you can choose to set up your recurring payments for E-checks or credit card by clicking on the New Recurring E-check or New Recurring Credit Card link. 

3) Lockbox Service: You should have received a new payment coupon or statement in the mail. When writing your check, please make sure to make it payable to your Association and include your account number on the memo line (please note the account numbers have changed with the transition). 

4) If you would like to pay your assessments using an online bill payment service or your personal bank’s online payment service, you must delete and set up a new payee using the updated information below. This will ensure your payment is posted promptly. 

Your Association Name

c/o Foster Premier

PO Box 7676

Carol Stream, IL 60197-7676

Please contact us at if you have any questions regarding the transition to our new software or any of the features that will be available. 



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