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The agenda of each meeting will be posted on our website one week prior to the meeting date. Members may submit questions anytime through our website and will be answered at the next Board of Directors Meeting. Please feel free to submit questions here.


• All members will be required to sign in upon entry. 


• Questions must be held until the open forum. All questions must be addressed from the podium. Comments or questions will not be taken from the floor. 


• Members are required to be respectful. The ability to address the board does not give members the right to shout, use profanity or make obscene or threatening remarks. Members who engage in such behavior may be removed from the meeting.


• During the open forum each member will be limited to five (5) minutes. While the Board will entertain questions and comments, all questions may not be immediately answered or answerable without further review. Your patience is appreciated.

Revised: 2/28/22

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