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Architectural Applications


To maintain the uniform appearance of the exterior of the buildings and the integrity of the Commons, no unit owner may alter the exterior of a unit without the specific written approval of the Homeowners Association. Requests for exterior alterations must be submitted in writing using the Architectural Application and sent by mail or e-mail to the property management company or through email at Requests must include the following items:

  1. Your name and address

  2. Description of the proposed alteration;

  3. Specifications for the alteration, including size, type, gauge, color, and finish of the materials to be used in the proposed alteration;

  4. A drawing of the proposed alteration is in place on a copy of your plat of survey.

The Review Committee will respond to such requests within 45 days from receipt of a complete request. FENCES No fences of any kind, other than board-on-board fences constructed of unpainted/unstained natural cedar, shall be installed on any Unit. Said fences shall be four (4) feet in height and shall conform to the standards shown in Exhibit "C" (IN DECLARATION). Fences installed on a comer Unit shall only be placed behind the single-family residence located on such comer Unit and the fences so placed shall not extend beyond the side of the single-family residence. The fences installed on said comer Unit shall in no way be an impediment to traffic and each such fence must comply with all applicable Village requirements. SWIMMING POOLS In-ground, as well as above-ground pools, are allowed. Plans for both types of pools shall follow the architectural approval process. Above ground, pools must be decked and skirted within 60 days of pool installation. Decking of above-ground pools shall be at least 20% of the circumference of the pool. For example, A 20-foot pool shall have a deck surrounding at least 12.6 feet of the pool. Decks shall be skirted.



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