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Community Standards Notice

Spring is here! The Association would like to remind everyone the maintenance of their home impacts the neighborhood’s overall curb appeal and impacts the property values of homes in Lakewood Prairie. This in turn impacts your own home's value and investment. Our continued goal is for Lakewood Prairie to be a desirable neighborhood in which to live, and that starts with home maintenance.

To maintain the overall look of the neighborhood:

  • Be sure to keep lawns mowed and free of excessive weeds, rubbish, and debris. It is the responsibility of each homeowner to prevent the development of any unsightly or unkempt conditions on his or her property. Any home with excessive weeds, long/unmowed grass, dead landscape material, excessive household items stored on the exterior of the property, missing shutters or siding, as well as unsealed driveways, will be subject to receive a courtesy violation notice for remediation and subsequently fines if the matter is left unresolved.

  • Be sure that all trash bins are stored in your garages, and not left on driveways. Please also remember to retrieve your garbage containers by the end of the trash day.

  • Pets should always be on a leash while in common areas or public areas and cleanup of pet waste must be immediate. This includes all private property, common areas, sidewalks, and the bike path.

**Violation notices will be sent to homeowners who are not keeping up with the community standards and subsequent fines may be assessed if no action is taken. The Association doesn’t take any joy in sending out violation notices, however, the condition of our community and its impact on the value of our homes is something that we can all work together to maintain. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.



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