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Declaration Survey Results

The 2021 Declaration Survey has closed. Unfortunately, we did not receive enough homeowners completing the survey to initiate a formal vote. The Lakewood Prairie Homeowners Association Declaration Article 16 Section 16.3 requires a vote in agreement of 67% of unit owners to make any changes. This includes all recorded lots within the Association, developed and undeveloped.

A total of 215 out of 411 homeowners completed the online survey this year. It is the option of each owner to vote in the survey. With only 52% of the developed homeowners participating, the survey will not be conducted again until all the recorded lots are developed within Lakewood Prairie.

In the unprecedented event that we obtained support from all the undeveloped lot owners, the highest supported amendment would still not reach the required 67% to legally change.

We appreciate all the support and passion for amending the Declaration. Thank you to everyone who voted.



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