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Proposed Amendments to the Declaration

Dear Owner:


The Board of Directors of Lakewood Prairie Homeowners Association (the “Board”) is proposing several amendments to the Declaration. Specifically, the Board is seeking to (1) remove the seven (7) year limitation to add additions to the property set forth in Article Two, Section 2.3 of the Declaration, (2) extend the time frame to seventy-two (72) hours set forth in Article Five, Section 5.2 of the Declaration, (3) allow seasonal or holiday lighting within 30 days of said season or holiday as set forth in Article Five, Section 5.8 of the Declaration, (4) allow all fencing to be  no less than four (4) feet and no more than six (6) feet in height and set restrictions on corner Unit fences set forth in Article Five, Section 5.9.1 of the Declaration, (5) update the requirement for pool to be decked and skirted a minimum of twenty (20) percent of the circumference set forth in Article Five, Section 5.10 of the Declaration, (6) remove the seven (7) year restriction to change exterior color schemes set forth in Article Five, Section 5.14 of the Declaration, (7) remove the requirement that trashcans be kept in garages and allow exterior storage set forth in Article Six, Section 6.4 of the Declaration, and (8) limit election of board members to record Unit owners set forth in Article Seven, Section 7.2.1 of the Declaration, which will benefit the health, safety and welfare of the members of the Association.


The Board has voted to pass the linked Amendments to the Association’s Declaration. In order to fully pass the Amendments, the Board needs the approval of not less than sixty-seven percent (67%) of the Units then in the Association pursuant to Article 16, Section 16.3 of the Declaration.


You can cast your vote on the Amendment by using the ballot below or electronically in TownSq. You can mail or e-mail the ballots back to the Association at:





Lakewood Prairie Homeowners Association

24012 W Renwick Rd Suite 220

Plainfield, IL 60544


One vote per Unit. All ballots must be received by June 18, 2024. Please contact with any questions. Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Very truly yours, 

Lakewood Prairie Homeowners Association

Board of Directors



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