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A letter from the Board of Directors

Dear Homeowners,

We once again welcome a new year that brings an opportunity to start a new chapter for our community here in Lakewood Prairie.

Unfortunately, we must address several inaccurate statements made in a recent letter by two unsuccessful candidates. The continuous spread of inaccurate and dishonest information has led to an erroneous division within the community. Moving forward the Board will consider legal actions for any and all unlawful defamation, slander, and/or libel statements relating to the Lakewood Prairie Homeowners Association and the Board of Directors.

The election was fair and honest. It has not been contested. Multiple precautions were taken to ensure a fair and honest election was upheld. Various lot owners have participated in nearly every election, often the reason we reach quorum. We cannot legally restrict select Members from voting, including property and/or lot owners. It is their right, as outlined in our governing documents.

The process to call a special meeting will incur costs to the Association. If a Board member is removed, it will result in another election and more unnecessary costs paid by the Homeowners. The same candidates can run and become re-elected. We ask that you truly consider these facts if prompted with a choice.

We also ask that you give us a chance to work together to build a community for everyone. If you have a question, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.


Lakewood Prairie Homeowners Association

Board of Directors



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